DNF: A Great and Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray

A Great and Terrible Beauty  - Libba Bray

I picked this up because I kept hearing such good things about it.  I also really enjoyed Beauty Queens which is also by Libba Bray so I thought I might enjoy this one too.

At first I got pulled in because a lot of interesting and mysterious things were happening. But then as the story progressed I just started caring less and less about the characters and the story.

The story centers around a group of girls and they were all really mean and shallow and I just couldn't connect with them and their drama.  Plus the main character, Gemma, is a bit on the negative side and I didn't find her funny or quirky.

Plus the book is quite long (403 pages) and I read on the Kindle and kept glancing at the bottom and was dissapointed that I hadn't read any further.  So that's a sure sign that the book isn't catching my attention and I didn't care enough about the mystery to keep reading and find out what was happening.